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Organic Sun Care

Organic Sun Care from award winning Green People

100% natural, certified organic and highly effective solution for sun care

DV7's selection of organic sun creams to protect the skin from UVA & UVB rays with naturally derived ingredients that are gentle but effective. 

Stay safe in the sun with Green People's non pore clogging natural sun cream range. Other non-organic sun lotion brands often contain mineral oils & silicones that form an impenetrable synthetic barrier on the skin, like wrapping the skin in clingfilm - a major cause of prickly heat. Green People do not use any pore-clogging ingredients in thiero rganic sun lotions, meaning that your skin is free to breathe and prickly heat is less likely to occur, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin and those prone to allergies. 

With a blend of earth minerals, the mountain flower Edelweiss and a filter derived from Cinnamon, you can naturally protect your skin from the sun with these organic sun lotions.

- marine friendly, organic sun lotion
- broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection
- free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances
- suitable for sensitive skin and prickly heat

Supporting Marine Conservation  - some mainstream sunscreens promote viral infections in coral reefs, potentially playing a huge role in coral bleaching.  Green People's partnership with the Marine Conservation Society highlights the growing impact of sun lotions on marine life, and help people make an informed choice about sunscreen.

Why not try an effective & ethical natural sun cream range for you and your family this summer - sunbeatable SPF cover the organic way! 

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