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Trinkets by i am acrylic

i am acrylic make hand crafted jewellery, trinkets and other stuff, mostly made from acrylic.

A few fun facts about i am acrylic:

Ruth Williams and Brendan Fan are i am acrylic.

Ruth and Brendan make everything by hand.

All items are individually cut using their mechanical 16 inch fretsaw.

They meticulously hand finish every component, ensuring each one matches all our exacting standards

All designs are rigorously tested on their friends and family.

Wood, felt and silver are sometimes used as well as acrylic.

Their fretsaw is quite loud.

Their fretsaw belongs to Ruth's dad, who was a CDT teacher.

Ruth did CDT at A-level. She got an A.

Brendan did Physics at A-level. He got a D.

i am acrylic are based in London.

(DV7 thinks Ruth and Brendan are lovely!) 

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