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Sort of Coal

Purifying White Charcoal - Designed by Mother Nature

At DiVineSeVen, we don’t like bottled water (it means garbage!) and believe tap water is the greenest way to drink water. However, as some of us are unfortunate to live in areas where the tap water tastes really bad or we question it’s safety, we need to filter it.

That’s why DV7 loves everything about the beautiful purifying products from Sort of Coal. They are effective, natural, purifying andfunctional as well as being recyclable and CO2 friendly! Reminding us that nature has its own way of purifying itself without attacking the senses or polluting the environment.

The Sort of Coal products are all handmade from white charcoal, which is known for its natural ability to purify water and air by helping to absorb toxins, odours, pollution and unwanted moisture – a natural phenomenon known and used in Japan & Korea for centuries.  It may look black but unlike common black coal, white charcoal leaves behind no residue or dust and sucks up nastiness like a sponge!

DiVineSeVen offers a range of Sort of Coal products like the Kishu Binchotan sticks  which turn tap water into mineral water by absorbing up to 75% of chlorine, along with random bacteria and smells, whilst naturally releasing essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus into the water.

It takes 2 hours to purify up to 2 litres of water and these sticks last up to 3 months.

The Kuro Cube, freshens the air and works as humidity regulator and climate controller, naturally cleansing the air from toxins and odours. Perfect for small spaces like the fridge or your shoe cupboard!  Moreover, the Kuro can be used to keep food fresh because it naturally absorbs ethylene gas - try placing it in your fruit bowl or vegetable drawer in the fridge and watch how they stay fresher for longer!

Depending on the size of the white charcoal, its purification qualities can be reactivated through exposure to scalding water or direct sunlight, making this natural product effective for a few months or up to a few years based on what it’s used for.

Once it no longer functions as a purifier, it can be broken into small pieces and recycled into soil where it acts as a natural fertiliser by helping the soil retain water and its natural nutrients.

Its White Magic!


Did you know? Carbon is the basic element of life. All life is dependent upon the carbon cycle of the planet. That’s why white charcoal, contains more than 90% pure carbon and is an essential element of our existence. Its a“super-material” ...  DV7 fact! 

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