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Boskke Sky Planter

Welcome to Urban Gardening! 

Turning indoor gardening on its head and defying gravity, these unique upside-down sky planters encourage abundant greenery at home and at work, without sacrificing floor space!

Plants do not at all 'mind' being grown upside down, in fact they benefit from a constant supply of water and plenty of air around their leaves.

How it works: 

  • Using a ground breaking internal reservoir system to feed water directly to the roots.  (There is much less evaporation so requires less watering, and no drips or ring marks on surfaces.)
  • A ceramic lead keeps the soil and the plant inside the planter.
  • And a  plastic mesh holds soil in place so there is no mess.
  • There are two hanging systems available for both ceiling and wall-mounting. 


A great way to bring plants into any room in the home or office, if you are pushed for space or just want to keep them away from little hands or pets! 

Ferns or orchids love bathrooms or try a selection of herbs in the kitchen. These mini sky planters look great on their own or in groups.

Made from white ceramic with terracotta reservoir.

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