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About Us

Launched by entrepreneur Dorin Varza (aka DV7) on 29 February 2012, DiVineSeVen is DV7’s Urban Lifestyle Bazaar. 

A bit about me, DV7, Owner & Founder of DiVineSeVen.  I am born and bred Persian, and fiercely proud of my Zoroastrian heritage ... hence it being my Bazaar!  I have lived in the UK since I was six, and Urban London town has been my much loved home for the past 17 years or so.  I have a background in Fashion Buying & Merchandising, PR and Project Management (not tech!), speak Italian and French (not very well), as well as Farsi and English (too well!).  I have a passion for fashion, clever design and all forms of art, and I most definitely can’t live without music! I’m into fair-trading and organic stuff in a big way.   I have been blessed with a lifestyle that has exposed me to many different cultures & experiences, and I hope to be able to share some of these with you as DiVineSeVen continues to develop. (And while I’m at it, there is no better place than here to state that I have the most amazing Mum, family and friends a girl could wish for ... big up the DV7 Crew, you know who you are!!)

So my vision for DiVineSeVen is simple:  a cool urban bazaar that is easy to get to, accessible regardless of lifestyle or location, where browsing and shopping is a stress free experience, entertaining and enjoyable ... a place you will want to tell your friends about and come back to again and again because you will always stumble across something fun, different, and well, just DiVine!

DiVineSeVen’s eclectic product range is a carefully curated collection that is true to my own DV7 lifestyle influences, philosophy and ideals.  DiVineSeVen is the place to shop if you are inspired by the cool & quirky, sweet on style, celebrate good design, value quality, and above all applaud the innovative and the creative!

My focus is to steer clear of the mainstream and seek out unique & inspired products that have been designed, made or selected by small independent businesses.

And me & my crew of (unpaid but much loved) contributors and collaborators, are always on the lookout for unique products & creativity, so if you're an artist, designer or have dreamt up a great idea please get in touch via the contact us page

One of the fundamental values of DiVineSeVen is collaboration, and fresh thinking is always welcome, so please participate and get involved with our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr blog  ... and of course if you like it ‘Pin(terest) it’!  All feedback will be warmly received!


PS I get asked a lot why the name “DiVineSeVen”? I hope the endless significances and coincidences will become more and more apparent as DiVineSeVen develops ... In any case, essentially it is because I am eternally and constantly thankful to The Divine, and Se7en by virtue of it being a magic number!